"Fig.41 - ethnic artist", 2009, pencil drawing on coffee-stained paper, velvet, glass, antique frame, hand-typed label

ABOUT FACE: Deconstructing Diversity in the Institution

About Face: Deconstructing Diversity in the Institution was my Community Arts BFA thesis exhibition shown at the Center Gallery at California College of the Arts (CCA) in 2009. Using graphite and coffee-stained paper, I depicted my peers CCA in the style of early western ethnographic field studies. The exhibition was aimed at critiquing diversity shortfalls and the emphasis on a Eurocentric curriculum within the college. The exhibition was fashioned after a 19th century anthropology museum, and viewers were asked to place descriptive museum labels under correlating portraits. The labels were based on interviews previously conducted with students, faculty and staff regarding personal experiences with diversity at school. Examples of the labels read: "Fig. 5- Teacher thought he was a gang banger" or "Fig. 6- Go- to person when diversity issues come up in class". The exhibition included a total of 96 portraits.